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Who We Are 
ventonovo®  is a new, young entrepreneurial and cultural European venture, headquartered in Rome, with interests and planned investments in the generation of electric energy from renewable sources. 

What We Do 
From green power generation to network services, management consulting to education, and communication to entertainment, we are dedicated to turning creative ideas into unconventional strategies, investments and services that can help satisfy the increasing world demand for green energy.

Dream, challenge, build: these are our fundamental, core activities...and our unique, exceptional value proposition. 

We dream a world where the powerful energy of creativity and innovation is definitely free and appreciated; where pollution is defeated by renewable energy; and where economic growth is not considered an end in itself, but pursued in a broader context of sustainable, environment friendly development. 

And we put our dreams to work for our customers, people and communities by challenging the conventional approaches to business to build new uncontested market spaces, innovative solutions and stakeholder value.


What We Believe
We are passionate, curious, accountable, socially responsible, open, flexible, innovation-driven and dynamic...always acting with rigorous integrity and ethics.

We succeed in what we accomplish because we are inspired by a leadership that considers the role of entrepreneurs as:

"…a never ending journey, to constantly search for a dream that is still unexpressed, and that can be realized only through the courage of action and the aggregating power of passion."

(Antonio C. Vertucci, IlSole24Ore 3 luglio 2000)


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